Our Services

Buying a live Christmas tree is fun and easy. We offer our Choose ‘n Cut customers several free services to make bringing that live tree home and setting it up a snap!


After you choose your “perfect” Christmas tree, we’ll harvest it for you while you watch.  Afterwards, enjoy hot chocolate, play games, and browse our Gift Shop.

Tree Shaking

The tree shaking machine removes loose needles from tree branches by vibrating the tree.  That way, loose needles stay at our tree farm instead of landing on your living room floor.

Tree Stand Fitting

Bring your tree stand with you, and we’ll happily drill or trim the butt of your tree to fit your stand. When you get home, you can jump right into decorating!

Baling and Loading

When we bale your tree, it is streamlined and protected for the trek home.  Our employees will tie your tree onto your vehicle as well.  Baled trees are also easier to carry through your home’s doorway.